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It is inevitable that when you have a dress it sometimes became unperfectly fitted to you. Either you gain or you lose some weight. But you do not have to fret. If you need that dress for some special occasion and yet you do not have the budget to purchase a new one. Then, try dress alterations. Here’s some basic materials and steps for altering your dress.


To alter your dress and to make it a tailor fit to your body, you will be needing the following things: needle and thread, pin, sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, marker and seam ripper. Then, once you have all of these you can now start the alterations.

It always fun to alter your dress with someone who can help you. You can call a friend to help you out. She can assist you measuring the dress for appropriate alterations while you are wearing the dress. The task would as well be accomplished in less time.

After measuring the changes, pin it and using a fabric marker, mark the portions or part where the alterations will be done. This will act as your guide when you are going to remove the seams.

Following the markings you did, using a seam ripper remove the old seam carefully. Avoid damaging the fabric and be alert not to hurt or cut your fingers. Just a reminder, when you are already in the process of removing the seam, make sure you are only pulling out the seam where alterations have to be made.

Once the seams are removed. You can now sew it manually or with the aid of sewing machine. Sewing machine offers a faster and more polished stitching. But, if the sewing thing would only take few stitches then you can consider doing it manually.

You can also do length alteration for your dress. Aside altering your dress because of fitting problem you can as well alter its length, either make it longer or shorter.

This is a very good tip to make the part of the dress (where alteration is done) polished-looking. Run iron on it. It will flatten the bulky feature and the crease created when you did your reseaming.

Lastly, you can now do the finishing touches. Hemming the the seam to assure that it will not pull apart. You can use the zigzag pattern. But, if you have a sewing machine then it would be easier for you do the final hemming.